Dave Randle

Author, Journalist, Commentator, Film-maker and General Ne'er Do Well


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Dave Randle has been a freelance journalist for almost thirty years, writing on subjects as diverse as the motor industry, television, the emergency services, Italian cookery, art and culture.

He is the author of a dozen history books, ghost-written others and assisted in the autobiographies of various luminaries from the fields of music, film and TV.

He joined Mensa in 1993 and his regular essays and reviews in the Mensa Magazine in the early years of this century produced responses from across the spectrum, while their irreverent style and comic timing ensured they were always entertaining and thought-provoking.

His latest book, Blinded with Science, earned this and other impressive reviews:

"Dave Randle is a highly gifted writer, possessing the competence to turn out some beautifully crafted prose, yet he does not hide his depth of thought behind witty ripostes (even though he is immensely capable of them). Instead, Dave's deep understanding of human nature, his often libertarian views but, above all, his love of mankind guide his hand and his mental acuity. Disarmingly fed-up with the wrongs that corporations and wilful education inflict on human beings, he only seeks to shatter the mirrors and dispel the smoke that usually accompanies their worst activities. If you are realist buy his book, it might be the best money you invest this year and for the future." Iain Robertson

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Dave has over ten books in print and has been involved as amanuensis, co-author or publishing director in over 100 more, as well as contributing to nineteen periodicals (print/electronic) and editing a further six.