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A Love Affair With Bronze


Brian Moore

My love affair with bronze started in my teens in Christchurch where I sculpted a bust of my girlfriend.

Having completed the sculpture in clay, I then cast it in plaster of Paris and finished it with a product called "Rub 'n Buff". I simply rubbed it on the plaster and then buffed it up with a cloth, giving a pretty convincing appearance of a bronze sculpture.

It wasn't until many years later I discovered for the first time that it was at all possible to do fine art bronze casting in New Zealand. I was in the Waikato showing my artwork when I came across a magnificent bronze sculpture of a stag and found that it had been cast in Auckland. At the earliest opportunity I visited the foundry and came home with a beautiful block of black wax to get started on my first sculpture to be done in bronze, the Tuatara.

To date I have created four limited edition bronzes, as well as a couple of larger one-off commissioned pieces. They each took hundreds of hours of intricate work and the limited edition pieces are all available for purchase.

Each bronze is cast to order and takes around eight weeks to produce. You can order a bronze for a deposit and your order is placed with the foundry with timing to coincide with your payments.

Get yourself one of my enduring bronzes to enjoy now and have a beautiful piece of New Zealand art to pass on to your grandchildren.

If you have ever considered "I'd be interested one day when I can afford it," talk to us about time payment arrangements to suit your budget.

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