Days 55 and 56. Inspiration

Day 55 Sunday June 10th 2018

The Law of Affinity

(With thanks to L Ron Hubbard)

© 2018 Steve Cook

God forbid that people ever came to realise

That they like each other more than just a little bit.

In each of us instinctive kinship thrives

That some elite for insane goals with malice seeks

To undermine with false reports and lies

Lest humanity escape restraints of fear and hate

And o'er that rat-maze of deceit should rise.

What then if men remembered common goals?

What if we overthrew these efforts to divide?

What if man removed the jackboot from his own face;

And each helped the other better all our lives?

For a law still holds though half forgotten by our race

That Man in affinity with man survives.

Day 56. Monday June 11th 2018

Today i am very pleased to welcome back a very special guest poet - Alia Mirdita, age 7. See her lovely poem below!

Searching for Inspiration

© 2018 Steve Cook

Today I searched in vain for inspiration

And came up empty everywhere I looked.

I rifled through the photos in my album

And in desperation trawled the natter on Facebook.

I scanned the witty memes and pithy aphorisms

Of men with far more friends or fans than I,

Consulted oracles, sages and comedians

For something apt or sage to spark a rhyme.

I flicked the pages of Collected Works

Searched all my books til none were left

And when dawn's chorus came to mock my hurt

It found me weary but no wiser and no less bereft.

But all at once came perspicacity

In the nick of time, for my patience had worn thin.

I'd sought inspiration everywhere outside of me,

Yet all the while the source of it lay within.


by Alia Mirdita

Today I went on the swing

I went inside and the bell said "ding!"

At the door was the mailman

He gave me a card

From my friend at the beach

And after dinner, for pudding,

We ate a peach.