Days 52, 53 and 54

Without Limit

Day 52 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon, Thursday 7th June 2018.

A Haiku

© 2018 Steve Cook


Tis a moot question:

Does the world shape our feelings

Or vice versa?

Day 53 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Friday 8th June 2018

Out there Lie Venus and Mars

© 2018 Steve Cook

Out there lie Venus and Mars

Like watchtowers

Barring our hoped-for escape,

But now they have become

Mere targets in our scopes.

We've moved on

And the Galaxy's marches

Await our longed-for

Break for the open gate

To the stars

That was never truly closed.

Can you not sense it?

Someone's bent out of shape.

Someone's afraid we'll come back.

We were never meant

To get this far.

Day 54 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Saturday 9th June 2018

There is no Limit

© 2018 Steve Cook

There is no limit

To what lies within you:

your infinite ability

matched only by your infinite


for self restraint

and both are native,

powered and motivated

by your innate