Day 70

Driving to the Future

(Are We Nearly There Yet?)

Day 70. Monday June 25th 2018

Driving to the Future

(Are We Nearly There Yet?)

© 2018 Steve Cook

The journey to tomorrow

Is a long and arduous drive

On a road paved with occasional sorrows

And now and then an RTA

I was lucky to survive.

But I figure the effort is worth it

Despite the potholes and the swerves,

The frequent fraying of my temper

When "Are we nearly there yet?"

From the back seat gets

On my ruddy nerves.

But to be going somewhere

Is yet better than going nowhere at all

And a life moving slowly in traffic

Is still preferable to being stalled.

Perhaps the road ahead is smoother

Or wider or straighter

Than the road I left behind;

Besides, driving to a destination

Is smarter by far than waiting

For the destination to arrive.