Day 68

The Great Awakening

Day 68. Saturday June 23rd

The Great Awakening

© 2018 Steve Cook

The great awakening is really happening

And coming to someone near you,

But waking up is one thing

And many have woken wondering

"Now I'm awake, what do I do?"

The ideal state for the citizen therefore

Is someone half asleep,

For it suits the would-be herdsman

To have the planet full of sheep.

That proviso notwithstanding

Some find their slumber not too deep.

But waking up is rough

When reality is tough

And your planet's run by loons,

So for some the sleep's not deep enough

And the waking curve too steep

And it's much too soon in the scheme of things

To emerge from one's cocoon.

Opening their eyes they discovered

An asylum where waking nightmares

Stick to them like glue,

And being so aware is lonely (I imagine)

When reality's so bleak,

So all the while they're secretly thinking

They'd like to go back to sleep,

As if all of that weren't bad enough,

Here's one further twist:

Many more are dreaming

They've somehow woken up,

While they've merely switched delusions

And are actually still asleep.