Day 65

Being Played

Day 65. Wednesday 20th June 20128

Being Played

© 2018 Steve Cook

We're being played,

The news engineered

For human consumption

Where politics is theatre,

The theatre is illusion

And illusions are geared

To keep all of us slaves.

Looking for answers

In this claptrap and drivel

Is the biggest mistake

We ever made

For it's designed to consign us

To a life of confusion,

To dance on the strings

Of bemused desperation

For the amusement

Of The Others

From birth to the grave.

There's only one answer

To all of this nonsense,

Noise and distraction

That starts the road out

From this media asylum

And that's to be certain

That with every word uttered

And image displayed,

Nothing they tell us

Can be totally trusted

For we are being played,

Being played,

Being played.