Day 61

Who's out There?

Poetry for Peace Day 61. Saturday June 16th 2018. Here is my poem for today, plus another from my guest poet Alia Mirdita

Who's out There?

(The Rap of Liberation, Third Movement)

© 2018 Steve Cook

Seems to me we've come far

In this heyday

Of machines and digital dreams.

We've swung from the trees

To the stars,

From cowering caves

To confident towers,

Campfires to cities

Of neon spires

In numerable hours

Counted on God's fingers

Like the heartbeat

Of generations,

Of ideas shared long distance

Glittering in myriad nuances

Like the sparking synapses

Of a self-aware civilisation.

We're making it,

So take heart when

They try to sabotage your hope,

Disparage your dreams

By selling you dismay

In wholesale packages,

Spreading the darkness

That springs from their own

Blackened souls.

They've belittled your qualities,

Amplified your losses,

Gotten fat on it so long

You forgot that you are the light

And the power of life

Lies within you

In infinite measure.

These merchants of chaos

Are devoted

To holding you back

With their deviously clever

Economic constraints,

Psychiatric restraints,

Legal distraints

And bleak-painted landscapes

If imaginary despair.

They're high priests

Of war and dismay,

The cultural vampires,

The arch-fiends of skulduggery

The saboteurs, parasites

And profiteers,

Who dispense war

Like a profitable narcotic,

And hype like a powerful


Plotting our demise

In their towers of skulls,

Supping the tainted wine

Of human tears.

We've come far

But we could have

Gotten here faster,

Gone even further

But for the efforts

Of the usual crew

To bar the road

And screw our endeavours

At every turn.

Someone does not want us

To reach the stars,

So we have to ask ourselves

Who's out there,

Who fears us so much,

And just how dangerous

We truly are


© 2018 Alia Mirdita

Today was great!

I went out for dinner

And had a yummy steak,

Then I went to see the

"Dinosaurs are Roaring" centre

And it was boring!

Then it started to snow

And it was fun.

Then I went to MacDonalds and had

A burger in a bun.

Yum yum!