Day 60

Sometimes I Wonder

Day 60 of the Poetry for Peace poemathon. Friday 15th June 2018. I am joined again by budding young poet Alia Mirdita whose poem is also featured below. Enjoy!

Sometimes I wonder

© 2018 Steve Cook

Sometimes I wonder why we worry

Or live our days in a desperate flurry

Cowed by fears or uncertain dread

Of the quiet menace of the road ahead.

For we possess a weapon of infinite power

To lay waste worlds or make deserts flower,

To pull down tyrants from their towers

Or shake the heavens 'til the angels cower.

It marks the forward progress of mankind,

Makes or frees the chains that bind,

Expands our vision or makes us blind,

Shapes disaster or renders life sublime.

And what's more it's in infinite supply,

Drawn from a source that ne'er runs dry,

Requiring no cause or reasons why

And it knows no limits, lest we so decide.

From it spring both our joys and fears,

Our accomplishments, our hopes, our tears

Or all our tragic or triumphant years.

The world's true magic? The power of ideas!


© 2018 Alia Mirdita, age 7

Today I played "Hide and Seek"

With my dad

And he was kind of getting mad

(for some reason).

Today I was on the sand

And on my fantastic stage

I was "rocking out" with my band.

My mum goes out for a race

And I say, "Yo mummy, go mummy!"