Day 59.

Praise be!

Day 59 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Thursday 14th June 2018. Featuring a lovely poem by my guest poet, Alia Mirdita, age 7.

A Haiku

© 2018 Steve Cook

A poem a day

For a year is tough to do.

Praise be! The haiku!


© 2018 Alia Mirdita

Today I went to get a haircut

But they switched the sign,

Open to shut!

I was lonely at the park

But then a bear said,

"I am the friend you need."

And he was one indeed.

We raced to the sunset

And I can beat my friend,

I bet!

I go to the jungle

And hear I lion's growl

And from a distance

I hear a wolf's howl.