Day 58.

Give Man a Little Credit

Day 58 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon - Wednesday 13th June 2018. See below for a poem by my guest poet, Alia Mirdita, age 7

Give Man a Little Credit

© 2018 Steve Cook

For sure there's still a great deal to do

But let's give man credit where credit's due.

Continually reminded how bad things are

And blinded to the fact we've come so far,

We forget that the gloom of uncertain light

Heralds the ending of millennial night

And while the road ahead through troubles winds

A bleaker wasteland lies behind

And the lingering pain of blistered feet

Marks milestones gained, not defeat.


© 2018 Alia MIrdita

I got a little cat

And when I got her

She sat on the mat

Staring at a bat.

I went to smell a rose

And after I played

With the hose.

Then I heard my mother say

I'm getting a brother.

I was so excited I began to sing.

I went to the shops

And bought a ring

(for some weird reason).