Day 51

Voice of the Human Nation Part One

Day 51 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon, Wednesday June 6th 2018.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters of the Human Nation.

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Voice of the The Human Nation, Part One.

© 2018 Steve Cook

I don't know

about you,

but it seems

to me

to be

kind of wise

to decide to


to buy

that latest war

we've all seen


in any case

when you take

it out of the box,

you usually find

the advertisers lied

and it's a fake

and not as


of course

by the time

you discover

you've been sold

a crock of shit

by conmen

and spivs

it's too late

to take back

the lives

that paid

for it.

© 2018 Steve Cook