Day 50. And Thus Spoke the Angel

Day 50! Wow! A milestone reached! Only 315 days ahead! Which sort of prompts the theme for today's poem, Tuesday May 5th 2018.

And Thus Spoke the Angel

by Steve Cook

If you think that time's behind you, the angel said,

You err, for time in greater measure lies ahead,

So open up your eyes and lift your gaze,

Light the self-made fuse that sets your stars ablaze.

Create your future road and take it where you make it wind,

Look ahead and leave the dead of past regrets behind,

Feel yourself reborn with each new step you take

And know each choice you make flings wide time's gate.

Embrace the never-ending tale you script

And know you are the author and the star of it,

Each poignant episode and intriguing twist

A gift or curse bestowed by your own authorship.

So take this fragile world of soft and yielding clay

And from it fashion kindly better days,

For it surrenders yet to the gentler touch

To love responds, to a heavy hand not near so much.