Day 45. Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy

Day 45, of Poetry for Peace Poemathon, Thursday 31st May 20128. This poem was inspired by a terrible mishap that happened to a beloved family member and the reaction of her friends and family. Our greatest wealth, perhaps our only true wealth, is the people in our lives.

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Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy . . .

by Steve Cook

Sometimes it takes a tragedy

To remind us we are loved.

Or the provocations of adversity,

When fate's push becomes a shove,

Sees friendship primed to brilliancy

Like treasure rescued from the mud.

When mishap strikes they rally,

From far and wide come round,

Our allies friends and family,

Link arms and stand their ground,

Shoulder to shoulder steadfastly

Like a shield wall most sound.

In good times they do not show it

'Til your back's against the wall

And perhaps you did not know it

But when you need them they'll stand tall,

Close ranks in tighter orbit -

All for one and one for all!