Day 44. A Hymn to Flux

Hello! So this is my poem for day 44, Wednesday 30th May 2018, a memo to self written after a bitch of a day.

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A Hymn to Flux

In a universe that's eternally changing,

Everything's becoming something else,

Altering, mutating and evolving

By quantum leaps transmuting

Or by incremental stealth.

By nature fundamental or even thought divine,

When the gods we were devised the game,

Was the first rule of reality with finality assigned

That nothing ever remains the same.

Search with cosmic telescopes or microscopes most fine

You'll find ne'er less there's nothing that does not change.

Embrace it then and learn to ride the ebb and flow of tides,

Weigh the anchor to your fate that held you fast,

For the bridge was made to cross, ne'er to tarry nor reside

So laughing kiss the fickle dice you cast.

For each adventure spent, a new one just ahead abides

And in victory or defeat remember: it will pass.