Day 43. Reasons to be Fearful

This is Day 43 of the Poetry for Peace project, Tuesday 29th May 2018. I hope you like it!

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Reasons to be Fearful, Part One

by Steve Cook

An awful lot of effort is being expended

To keep the population upset and offended

On the part of the media and its corporate masters

Psychs, politicians and similar bastards.

The effort is to get us to turn on each other,

To drive us so mad we'd kill our own mothers,

Bankroll invasion or cheer on the bombers

As they slaughter the children of some far distant strangers.

It's so cleverly done through slick propaganda,

"Reasons to be fearful" and similar mantras,

Through half-truths and lies designed to perplex,

Through clips out of context and special effects.

It's expertly assembled to create the illusion

There's no love and no kinship human to human,

No chance of redemption nation to nation,

No future for Man but hell and damnation.

And so we keep right on financing the chaos,

Paying taxes in the hope of salvation or solace.

But what is the reason for these engineered wars,

These created divisions, what's it all for

If not to keep distracted the uppity peasants,

Make money for bankers and sell antidepressants?