Day 198

Something Wonderful 2

Day 198.Wednesday 31st October 2018

Something Wonderful 2

© 2018 Steve Cook

There’s a small blue world

Circling a yellow star

Far-flung on the galaxy’s Orion arm.

‘Tis there a million exiled poets dwell

And thence ten thousand songs resound

To the sound of a planet dreaming.

It dreams of heaven and of hell

And all points in between

But if you listen well you’ll hear

A billion heart-strings hum

The way that strummed harps sing.

They tell of love and hope ne'er ending

Of spirit perpetually transcending

The cloy and snare of mundane things.

The message of surrender’s writ

Like forlorn whispers in the beaten sand

Where the deep sea breakers timeless fell,

Yet o’er the swells the sea gull’s cry foretells:

Something wonderful is coming.