Day 196

For my Son

Day 196. Monday 29th October 2018

For my Son, Liam, on his 30th Birthday

© 2018 Steve Cook

There hasn't been a day

When I haven't been proud

To be your dad.

Nor a single moment

When I wasn't glad you were there.

I can't pretend I wasn't sad

Those years you were in America;

Just that one small tear

On the face of perfection.

For we missed our beautiful boy

And the absence of your smile

Was like a shadow across the sun.

But when you returned,

The smile if anything was wider

In all our hearts.

You brought with you joy

Reborn and in greater measure.

I could not have wished for

A kinder, wiser son

And I'll treasure forever

The pleasure you impart

By just being there

And walk with a song

This road we share.