Day 185

Men of Good Will

Day 185. Thursday 18th October 2018

Men of Good Will

© 2018 Steve Cook

For every man of ill intent

There are a thousand of good will

And for every architect of war

A million wish their fellow man no ill.

The bankers, bombers and corporate crooks

Are thoroughly outnumbered

Yet a few sly spivs have cooked the books

And left humanity thoroughly suckered.

Through hollow idols and twisted news

And psyops against the People

These experts at strife and subterfuge

Have worked for a planet full of sheeple.

Yet brave free men are still themselves,

Just asleep and not yet woken

But the day is nigh when that feeble spell

Shall be thoroughly broken.

When millions of good folk comprehend

The spell that held them thralled,

Change shall sweep this world of men

And cast the few from their demon halls.

For the so-called spell is but slight of hand

Misdirection, lies and trickery

And all the good that lies in united Man

Shall sweep to certain victory.

But what lies ahead when this game is done

Of wars that everybody loses?

Could this universe of stars be won

In a game that's truly of our choosing?