Day 183

And Lo! Day 183 Hath Dawned

Day 183. Tuesday 16th October

Aha! So I've reached day 183 of my Poemathon, in which I have to write a brand new poem every day for a year. And this marks passing the half way mark! I am slightly surprised to still be going after all this time. To celebrate the occasion it seemed fitting to do so with my favourite verse form: a Shakespeare-style sonnet, so I've banged one out before heading off to work. You can find a full list of all the poems thus far excpet the most recent few which I'll get around to publishing shortly, here

And Lo! Day 183 Hath Dawned!

© 2018 Steve Cook

As I've somehow reached day one eighty three,

A sonnet to celebrate would seem apt

This gruelling marathon of poetry.

Six months to verse's wheel of torture strapped,

Each word from this poet's soul extracted

And written in blood on the hungry page;

In slavery to cruel Muse contracted

Wherein I suffered, wept with pain and aged.

I agonised over every metre

Lost sleep when wayward couplets would not rhyme

And with each poem Hell pulled me closer

And sneered at my poor efforts every time.

Lest you think all this has left me broken

Please realise that I'm only joking!!