Day 177

Insanity Goes Viral

Day 177. Wednesday 10th October 2018

Insanity Goes Viral

© 2018 Steve Cook

The media will tell you

Oh so convincingly,

With hysterical sincerity

And bare-faced mendacity

That the world of Man is dangerous

And driven by vulgarity,

Fuelled by barbarity,

And inevitably and unavoidably

Doomed to disappoint

With treachery, mistrust

And widespread hostility.

It's largely and quite generally

Dependent on austerity

Conflict, deprivation, threat,

Dismay and scarcity.

It's hideously infested apparently

With murderers, wife beaters

Arms dealers, despots,

Perverts and crackpots,

International usurers, slavers, abusers,

Tinpot dictators and

Slightly barmy Presidents,

Not to mention psychiatrists,

Racists, fascists,

Communists and democrats,

Various varieties

Of homicidal maniacs

And all kinds of people

Who are considerably despicable.

Hopeless in extremity,

It's horrible historically

And the best we can expect

Is dreary mediocrity

More or less bereft

Of any redeeming qualities.

If you happen to be a member

Of the quietly sane majority

Who finds this stream of garbage

Instinctively objectionable,

You'll buy this fake paradigm

At your utter peril.

For the role of the media is to

Make insanity go viral,

Like a manic-depressive oracle

Spewing messages of defeat

In self-fulfilling prophesies.

It's a handy tool in the arsenal

Of warfare psychological

Being waged against the People,

Designed to crush the spirit

Of all us scary peasants

So we'll all lie down and quit

And thus remain quite tractable,

Docile and manipulable

Before we get too uppity, rebellious

Riotous and generally unpleasant -

Either that or help Big Pharma

Make a few more billions

By hooking everyone and his

Cousin, pets and children on the

Latest antidepressants.