Day 175

Zen of Politics

Day 175. Monday 8th October 2018

The Zen of Politics

© 2018 Steve Cook

Being the nation;

Hearing it whisper the colour of its dreams;

Turning the discordance of its nightmares

Into symphonies of aspiration;

Harnessing the green energy of kindness

And the raw power of gentleness;

Panning its virtues like nuggets

From the fetid silt

Of disappointed goals

Sunk in the mire of lost self respect;

Pouring coals on its purposes until

They become the sunrise

That sets alight the lies embedded in

Psychiatric texts;

Recognising a hundred million gods

Are trapped by false premises

In aching flesh;

Resisting the temptation to do other

Than leave them be

And refraining from killing them

With your help;

Making them masters not slaves

Of their own destiny

And knowing in the end they are only

Prisoners of their fears and ultimately

In a penitentiary of ideas.

Zen of politics.