Day 141

The Beauty of Poetry

Day 141. Tuesday 4th September 2018. Can you guess what sort of mood I had decided to be in?

The Beauty of Poetry

© 2018 Steve Cook

The beauty of poetry is

That when you are

Stuck for an idea,

You can write a poem

About being stuck for an idea.

And if you are really

Feeling uninspired

And can't be bothered,

To make much effort,

To create something that


Or scans,

You can write a few

Sentences of prose,

Off the top of your head,

Then break it up

Into short lines

To make a poem

And call it


Of course, you would have

To be a lazy swine

To do a thing like that,

So fool with a clumsy rhyme

Or half-rhyme

So as not to look

Like a complete twat.

If you are really serious

About being a poet,

The most important thing

Is to wear

A big, floppy hat.