Day 123

One Real Enemy

Day 123. Friday August 17th 2018

One Real Enemy

© 2018 Steve Cook

Like me, you only have one real enemy,

In all the broad universe just one being

With sufficient capability

To obfuscate your clarity

Undermine your dignity

Dull your sensibility

Whisper lies so convincingly

As to dissipate your energy

Thwart your creativity

Rubbish your sense of destiny

And by and large and generally

Mess you up and do you in.

And if you ask "Who is he?"

This fiend who acts so evilly

Against you so successfully,

Know that the basic mystery of mysteries

Of this universe is ultimately

There is no ruddy mystery.

And your solitary enemy,

Your personal pet terrorist

Hides in plain sight quite ironically

And you see him with horrible clarity

Every time you look in the mirror.