Day 109

Stupid, Ruddy Poetry?

Day 109. Friday 3rd August 2018

Stupid, Ruddy Poetry?

© 2018 Steve Cook

Are there not better things I could do with my time

Than write stupid ruddy poetry?

I could watch Love Island on TV,

Be an armchair revolutionary on Twitter,

Yak yak about this and that at

The Duck and Prime Minister

Or share my half-baked opinions

With an indifferent world on Facebook.

I have no illusions.

My poetry is an exercise in futility

Of no real importance.

It's just that everything else

Is even less important than that.

And I sometimes forget

That the whole point and raison d'etre

Of this universe was from the outset

A bit of fun.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Poetry it is then.

In yer face, God!