R.J. Ellory

The Lonely yet All-seeing Eye

Welcome to the photography of R.J. Ellory!

Roger is featured elsewhere on this site, both as a best-selling novelist and as the lead singer and creative pillar of the band Whiskey Poets but here we want to share with you another aspect of this multi-talented man: his powerful and evocative photography.

It is photography very much inspired by the experiences of his other personae, a life spent in large measure on the road. He sums this up very neatly in his own words: "(T)he interminable airport lounges, skipped meals, late nights and very early mornings are more than adequately compensated for by the people I meet and the places I see."

The aptly named "Lonely Eye" website comprises a gallery of pictures from some of the adventures of this much-traveled minstrel and storyteller. In similar vein, you might also find the accompanying blog of interest.

We have included here a few of his photographs to give you an idea of the scope and power of his work but for a whole lot more please check out his photography website.

Dear visitor,

I have done my best to do justice to Roger Ellory's splendid photography. The horrible truth of the matter however is that, due perhaps to my own limitations or limitations in the software I am using to create this site - or some combination of the two - the photographs represented here don't measure up to their originals, nor to their display on Roger's own website. All is not lost however because RJ Ellory's website and his photographs in all their glory are but a click away.

More Info and Contact

Facebook – RJ Ellory (Personal): www.facebook.com/RogerEllory

Facebook – RJ Ellory (Author): www.facebook.com/rjellory/

Facebook – The Whiskey Poets: www.facebook.com/thewhiskeypoets/

Twitter – RJ Ellory (Personal): https://twitter.com/rjellory

Twitter – The Whiskey Poets: https://twitter.com/thewhiskeypoets

Contact: www.lonelyeye.net/contact