Whiskey Poets

From Gentle Ballads to High-Octane, Throbbing Americana



Band Members

RJ Ellory

Martin Smith

Rob Oliver

Roger Nunn

Record Label

Red Dog Records.

The Band . . .

is fronted by crime novelist R.J. Ellory, who also wrote all the lyrics, composed all the tunes with his partner-in-crime, Martin Smith, and co-produced their debut album, “Low Country”, which won the Akademia "Best Americana Album" in May 2017. We would not be surprised if he had a workshop somewhere where he makes all their own instruments as well.

It is hardly surprising that a master storyteller - with fourteen superb published novels that have sold in their millions and won him thirteen literary awards - has crafted some powerful lyrics to accompany tunes that are (perhaps a tad more surprisingly) also pretty damn fine.

Better yet, you can actually hear the aforementioned lyrics. They are worth hearing and you can find that out for yourself if you watch the video clips below or, better still, buy the "Low Country" album.

The Whiskey Poets are an adept and entertaining band that befits a master communicator and aesthetic wizard such as Roger Ellory, a true renaissance man who seems to have a talent for . . . well, almost everything.

How many best-selling novelists do you know who can play guitar, sing, compose and hold their own on stage as the front man for a top-of-the-range Blues-Country band?

While you're thinking about it, why not listen to The Whiskey Poets videos below?

They provide but a small sampling of the band's work but you can see, hear and find out a whole lot more if you visit the Whiskey Poets website or RJ Ellory & The Whiskey Poets on Facebook page or - money well spent - buy their ruddy album.

Buying the Album

It's available on iTunes, Amazon and Apple and if you go to their website you can order easily through Tunes and Apple or buy the download or hard-copy direct.

Or you can buy any of these formats through Amazon if you prefer.

"Low Country". Click the image