Creative Talent Revealed

ingénu/e is a beautifully presented, lively and creative art and culture magazine based in Sussex, England. It is particularly slanted towards supporting and helping the emergence of grassroots creative talent.

The latest edition of ingenu/e is out now! See their website for details and find out lots more about Ingenu/e at

Why "ingénu/e "?

The ingénu/e website explains.

"In modern parlance the word ingénue tends to have a feminine slant in its usage, referring usually to a young creative girl or woman who is endearingly innocent and wholesome, very new to an artistic genre. As our magazine primarily exists to promote emerging and re-emerging creative talent of any genre, and most creative beings who are venturing forth on their career trajectories collide like sheep amongst wolves with such un-aesthetic things as economics, critics and the psychotic media, we thought the word quite appropriate for a title. Ingénu is the masculine form and ingénue the feminine form of the word and so we have coined the name ingénu/e."