Tracey Carmen

For the Love of Ballet

Tracey Carmen

Ballet Artist

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child.

Originally I drew the characters from my weekly Disney comic and enjoyed drawing many versions of Donald and Mickey and many of the other characters.

At the time I was also going to ballet classes. I remember, at the age of 6, putting on my first pair of ballet shoes, the little pink socks and the white dress that was the uniform of the day. My grandmother knitted me a pink cross-over cardigan and I was certain I was going to become a ballerina!

As I grew into my teens my drawing and painting skills continued to improve and I started drawing ballet dancers. This gave me great pleasure as I liked to capture the beauty and aesthetics on paper. By my early teens I realised that I wasn’t going to have the physique to become a ballerina (being a little short in the legs!) and so I directed my creativity into drawing.

Now, many years later, I still revel in capturing the beauty of ballet and getting it onto paper and thus making it available to everyone.

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