Judit Iványosi Szabó

I am delighted to debut here the gallery of a talented new artist from Hungary, Judit Iványosi Szabó. Judit's creativity extends not just to some spectacularly fine paintings but also to some very skillful cane weaving so I have included for your enjoyment some examples of the latter along with her excellent paintings. This page is still under construction so please check back or watch the DoubleDare blog for updates



Judit Iványosi Szabó

I am originally from Hungary.

I was born in Kecskemet where the famous music teacher and.composer Zoltan Kodaly was also born.

I started to play the violin when I was 9 and continued my studies in a conservatory. When I went to college, I was playing in a symphonic orchestra, founded an Irish band and an authentic Baroque ensemble in the same time.

I was also asked to teach violin for kids aged 6-10 in the local music school, which I happily did.

Here in the UK I usually play Irish gigs with friends which is always lots of fun!

We moved to the UK four-and-a-half years ago and I started to work in a furniture restoration workshop.

I immediately fell in love with cane weaving and I specialised in the most difficult patterns that I could find. Now I also teach classes for those who want to learn this dying art, both in Hungary and UK.

I love drawing since I was very little, made a lot of graphics when I was a teenager, although at that time I was mostly building my violinist career.

I loved reading art history books and visiting exhibitions.

In 2015 I started to paint watercolours and soon I got my very first buyers. I am self-taught both in cane weaving and watercolour painting. I am also member of The Basketmakers' Association and The Society for All Artists.

Contact Judit

Email fidleirfairy@gmail.com

Cane Weaving